An uncompromising Image-olgist, this visual vixen is about to strike on the Saatchi forum with a blaze totally forced with pinnacle savvy grace...

"I Saw You"

And in her own words...

My works depict a narrative of pivotal points in the life of a woman, and the essence of each experience. I maintain a darkness in an effort to stay honest about the reality of growth, however, they are playful to reflect acceptance of the way things are , have been, and are to be.


One of Canada's most successful indie exports, Arcade Fire released two of the most critically acclaimed albums of the 2000s. The Montreal-based band's theatrical debut, Funeral, is rightfully considered one of the very best albums of last decade and the band won a Juno for its songwriting on the album. Arcade Fire's follow-up, Neon Bible, once again perfectly displayed the band's unique multi-instrumental approach, and picked up a Juno for Best Alternative Album. A new album and a summer festival tour are on tap.


summer 2018

His feverish style of journalistic truth-wisdom has been likened to a swank amalgamation of H.L. Mencken and Damien Hirst, with a twist of Bill Maher. . .its attitude is feisty, its texture is poignantly raw, and the overall thrust, illuminating. Asterisk studied Literature and Journalism at Goldsmiths College. His zesty and unorthodox approach to expounding on political, cultural, and media issues has surfaced in a diversity of mediums, from UK Excess to The New Times and Retort Magazine. A native New Englander, Asterisk now divides most of his time between New York, NY: Miami Beach, FL; and various loctaions on the west coast of America. He is currently at work on his third book, The Gossamer AffairAsterisk'ssecond book, Taste of the Whisper Gong, has been mired in a gruesome lawsuit brought on by Hunter S. Thompson's and Jerry Sienfeld's lawyers, but is expected to be available soon.  For information on his first book, Spaghetti Psychosisan offbeat  expos  on the grotesque amount of hype surrounding the JFK Jr. plane crash, please contact his agent Sharone Quinstein. Spaghetti Psychosis is due to go into its second printing in August 2010.

~ NEW ~ jan 2012 Astor Risqu Launches:



Dawn Branch is a native New Yorker who began her dancetraining at the Bernice Johnson Cultural Arts Center in Queens, New York. She then attended and graduated from the prestigious LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts (The “Fame” School). While there, Ms. Branch trained in the Cecchetti ballet technique and studied the Graham technique with Penny Frank and Elise King. While attending high school, Ms. Branch also trained at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, where she was recognized as a promising dancer and awarded a two-year dance scholarship. At the Ailey school she studied ballet with Robert Christopher. She also studied modern with Denise Jefferson and jazz with pioneer and Emmy award winner Gus Giordano. Other teachers were Carol Fried, Anna Maria Forsythe and Ronald Brown. Ms. Branch also studied with Kevin Jeff (founder and artistic director of the Chicago-based Deeply Rooted Dance Theater and Artist in Residence at Purdue University’s Black Cultural Center in Lafayette, Indiana); Obediah Wright (founder and Director of Balance Dance Theatre); Shirley Black-Brown and Aaron Dugger.


The musicians can best be described as an Irish, gypsy-jazz-tango group, with a rock band edge. Simon Mimoun and Olivier Sulpice met Christophe Bastien and Cédric “Momo” Ermolieff in high school. Simon met Fred Trisson at university, and Fred introduced the band to his childhood friend Romain Sassigneux. They began performing together in bars and on the street and with groups such as Garçons Bouchers and Les Ogres de Barback under the name Debout Sur Le Zinc. William Lotvi eventually joined as their bass player to complete the montage.

The idea for the name Debout Sur Le Zinc, literally “standing on the zinc,” originally came after a concert in which Christophe, guitarist/singer was standing on the bar counter playing the accordion. The discovery that the bar or zinc--the material bar countertops were once made of--used to serve as a stage for people to recite poems, sing or make political speeches, and the expression also being in a poem by Jacques Prévert further reinforced the name.


The power of Evamor Natural Artesian Water - rare alkaline source - is its naturally highly alkalinity and its preserved purity. With a naturally high alkalinity (pH of 8.8 to 8.9), Evamor water is virtually exploding with goodness for your body. With today's diets high in acid and sugars, and lifestyles high in stress (an acid trigger), your body's natural acid/alkaline balance becomes unbalanced. Over a period of time, drinking a naturally high alkaline water such as Evamor Natural Artesian Water - rare alkaline source, can support your body's acid/alkaline balancing act. Problems with bone loss, blood pressure, excess body fat, Candida, indigestion, heartburn and excess acid discomfort are some of the obvious results of high acidity in your body. Bringing balance to your body's pH helps reduce your susceptibility to such problems.


istylie is a creative fashion agency specializing in styling, shopping and wardrobe therapy. istylie is dedicated to making your life easier and full of style.




Very few people understand their identity with enough clarity to come up with their own unique style. Here’s the good news: YOU do not have to be a fashion expert, a stylist or a personal image consultant to create change. Instead, the decision you make to transform your life begins with selecting a seasoned expert who understands how to read people in order to help you discover who YOU really are. Image is more than the clothes you wear. It is about bringing out the best of your personality through the style that enhances your real self. 

As I am inspired by fashion and have been enjoying helping my clients to reinvigorate their lives by accompanying them on their path to self-transformation. As well as being a guide through the multiple layers of fashion and clothing, I am also a stylist and personal shopper and a confidante. When you combine this with my knowledge of fashion trends, it gives me the ability to build a unique image and the best style that resonates with each and every individual.


If you've knocked back a great bottle of Italian red at Scarpetta, Club 50, Bourbon Steak, The Cellar Club, Setai or any one of a number of SOBE's swingingest joints, there's a good chance it was all made possible by Katrina Rank. Rank is the rep for Castello Romitorio, the house label of the Chia family, whose head, Sandro, just so happens to also be one of the most renowned painters working today. But fine wine is only half of this hip chick's story; the other revolves around high art, and Rank handles both sides of her life with equal aplomb.

KOTORI Magazine


Where the future of music, art and politics collide to define a new and necessary progressive culture.


is devoted to keeping readers informed on socially conscious artists in the increasingly collaborative fields of rock, hip-hop and electronica. 


is dedicated to providing its readers with insight into an emerging culture defined by progress towards a globally cooperative and environmentally sound way of life. 


is a different kind of magazine for a different kind of generation.



The ever elusive Lydia Millet is certainly becoming an American novelist who knows what to lasso in a country floundering in techno-jibberish. Her third novel, My Happy Life, won the 2003 PEN-USA Award for Fiction. Her fifth novel, Oh Pure and Radiant Heart was short-listed for the 2007 Arthur C. Clarke Award. Her most recent work, a collection of short stories entitled "Love in Infant Monkeys" was one of three finalists for the 2010 Pulitzer Prize.

Millet was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in TorontoCanada. She holds a BA in Creative Writing with honors from theUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a master's degree from Duke University.


Momentum’s mission is to provide the highest possible level of training for dancers in all disciplines required for employment in the arts and entertainment industry. This will be achieved through strictly directed curriculum and performance opportunities that train in a variety of disciplines and venues. This goal will be reached by employing and maintaining instructional staff who have extensive experience and a demonstrated reputation in the industry for arts and entertainment industry successes, and training experience which produces the highest quality dancers. Establishing Momentum’s reputation as the training facility that produces the most earnestly successful working dancers is imperative to its success.


Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers are the UK’s first and only professional touring Taiko Drum group. Mugenkyo perform over 100 times a year throughout Britain and Europe. The majority are full length concerts at theatres and concert halls, including London Queen Elizabeth Hall, Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, Cambridge Corn Exchange, Swansea Grand Theatre, Bristol Colston Hall, amongst others. Mugenkyo have received outstanding reviews for their concerts in the press, standing ovations from packed houses, and have built up a solid reputation since their establishment in 1994.

Founders of the group Neil Mackie and Miyuki Williams lived and trained intensively in Japan for two years with Master Drummer Masaaki Kurumaya Sensei, returning to the UK to form the group in 1994. The group have since returned regularly to their original place of learning both to perform and continue their ongoing training. 

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers present taiko in a modern and theatrical style – with precise choreography, dramatic lighting, and a variety costumes ranging from the post-apocalyptic industrial look to gorgeous earthy silks. The concert itself is extremely musically varied; thundering rhythms on huge Taiko drums interweave with delicate Shinobue bamboo flute and percussion in a visually spellbinding display of grace, choreography and athleticism. 

Jovanovic is a Melbourne based documentary photographer. She has been photographing people for 20 years and has spent ten years photographing people in Cuba specifically. 

Her first title, Cuba Que Bolá, published in 1994  and awaiting publication of its 3rd edition, documents Cuban daily life and depicts the resilience, struggle and humour of uncertain times. 

Retrato De Los Santos, her second volume of photography is an in depth work on the subject of Santerìa and is scheduled for release in 2018.

She has exhibited extensively in Australia, The USA and Cuba. Her work is held in both private and public collections and she is a founding member of  M33.

Her photography has appeared in Aperture Magazine, Rolling Stone, Vogue, The Age, Black and White Magazine and Zoo.


With locations in Portland, Seattle, New York and Palm Springs, California, each Ace hotel is the antithesis of the cookie-cutter offerings found in some consolidated hotel giants. The lobbies and common areas abound with unique touches—vintage and custom-designed furniture, original pieces from local artists—that represent the personality of the people behind them, while quirky room layouts reflect the resourceful adaption of old spaces. That latter point is one of the most distinguishing aspects of the collection. Ace doesn’t do full-gut renovations when transplanting a hotel concept from design to reality. Instead, the development team targets old, historical buildings of cultural significance, working with as much of the existing building’s framework as possible while evolving the concept within that space. 



The magazine was launched in 2000. In 2004, the editors unsuccessfully tried to prevent the Daily Mirror newspaper from publishing a short-lived 3am Magazine supplement based around its 3am Girls gossip column. The Independent has hailed its commitment to 'the avant-garde' on several occasions. The Spanish daily ABC hailed it as "the Offbeats’ New Yorker". 

An anthology covering its first five years of publishing, The Edgier Waters, was published in Britain by Snowbooks in June 2006, featuring writers Steve Almond, ASTOR RISQU, Bruce Benderson,Michael BracewellTom BradleyBilly ChildishSteven HallBen MyersTim ParksMark SimpsonHP Tinker and Kenji Siratori, as well as poetry pieces arranged by Sonic Youth'sThurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo alongside Tyondai Braxton.

A volume of new city-themed fiction, 3:AM London, Paris, New York followed in February 2008 (on Social Disease) and featured Henry BaumChris CleaveNiven GovindenLaura HirdToby LittEd ParkNicholas RoyleMatt Thorne and Evie Wyld.

Recently it has carried poetry by Charles Bukowski and featured interviews by Bukowski acolyte Ben Pleasants, including with John Fante.












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